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Alexander Walker first joined New Century in December 2017 after advising a senior Member of Parliament.

Alexander provides reputation management advice to leading businesses in energy, health and transport. Examples of his corporate client experience include: Randox, the United Kingdom’s largest medical diagnostics company; and DP World, the world’s largest container port operator. He has also supported several major political campaigns, such as: an international effort to raise awareness of extremist Islamist activity; Imran Khan’s successful bid to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan in the 2018 General Election; and the Government of Ethiopia’s global reputation management campaign during the 2020-2022 Tigray War.

Alexander is particularly interested in energy, security and nationhood. Whilst in Parliament, he supported the work of the Foreign Affairs Committee and coordinated 18 All-Party Parliamentary Groups dedicated to strengthening the political, social and economic ties between the United Kingdom and other nations. He was personally responsible for coordinating a campaign to secure compensation for victims of internationally sponsored terrorism, and another to secure the Right of Abode for former servicemen of the British Armed Forces. Alexander is also interested in the debate over the future of the Union between England and Scotland, a subject about which he has written in national newspapers.

Alexander is a chemistry graduate of the University of Oxford.

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