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Tony Lodge

Corporate Photographer LondonTony has worked in British politics for over ten years. He has worked for backbench MPs, Shadow Cabinet Members, Chairs of Parliamentary Select Committees and advised on policy, parliamentary procedure and media relations. He has taken an active part in developing political policies with numerous published contributions in areas ranging from transport to energy and EU policy.

With an extensive list of parliamentary, trade, media and regulatory contacts Tony provides both political and wider public policy counsel. Having worked on many policy and parliamentary projects, Lodge brings a wealth of unique expertise to New Century.

He has written regularly in the national and international media and appears regularly on national TV and radio covering energy, industrial and transport issues. His areas of expertise include the energy sector, industry, mining, shipping, environmental policy, European Union, transport policy and SME policy.

Tony retains an active interest in British politics and regularly takes part in policy events both in Westminster and Brussels.

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